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 SPOILERS TNA Impact - 11/10/07 (le 25/09/07)

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MessageSujet: SPOILERS TNA Impact - 11/10/07 (le 25/09/07)   Mer 26 Sep - 1:03

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TNA Impact Taping Results (to be broadcast on October 11th)

Before the taping began, they filmed a segment of Karen Angle entering the Impact Zone with security.

X-Division Champion Jay Lethal defeated Havok in a non-title match. Christopher Daniels came out and watched the match, then after the bout picked up the X-Division belt and tossed it to Lethal before leaving.

Kurt Angle came to the ring, wearing a shirt from the school that Sting's son goes to. Angle gets on the mic and says that Sting's son is a good football player. Angle said he did what he did to Sting's son for two reasons. One, is because Sting touched his wife, and the two, because he wants the old Sting back. Angle said he wasn't leaving the ring until Sting comes out. Karen Angle came out and said the last week has been the worst of her life. She asks Kurt how he would feel if Sting did this to their children. Angle says that he'll decide when he's gone too far, and said that Karen needs to decide if she is with him or not. Then they argue over whether Sting really slapped Karen or not. While they argue, Sting appears on the screen. Sting says that Karen is just as responsible as Kurt is for what happened, and that Kurt crossed the line when he put his hands on Sting's son. He said the "old Sting" will be at Bound For Glory, and he will "take everything" from Kurt Angle. It then appeared that Sting dropped down from the rafters, but it was just a dummy. Sting said he would appear when he wanted to, not when Kurt Angle wanted him to.

Robert Roode defeated Petey Williams. After the match, Roode held Petey and wanted Traci to hit him, but she wouldn't. Kazarian came out, and Roode left, leaving Traci in the ring. Roode told Traci to leave the ring, but she hesitated before Roode grabbed her and pulled her out of the ring and made her go to the back.

Team Pacman defeated Elix Skipper & Senshi. During the match, the referee prevented Pacman from doing anything physical in the match, since he wasn't tagged in. Skipper had Killings pinned, but Pacman threw money at him, "making it rain". This distraction allowed Killings to get the pin on Skipper.

The Steiners come to the ring, and Rick Steiner gets on the mic and says there are a lot of "wannabes" trying to rattle their cage. He said at Bound For Glory, we will see where Team 3D is on the food chain. Scott commented how Team 3D had been bragging about taking the Steiners out, but they are still standing. Scott said they didn't want to wait for Bound For Glory. Scott said Team 3D were "Bingo Hall Backyard Wrestlers" and vowed to make them bleed. Scott said Bound For Glory is special because it is in Atlanta where the Steiner Brothers got started, and after the match they are going to have a party and roast two fat pigs, Team 3D.

Amazing Kong defeated Gail Kim. The other members of the women's division came out and watched the match.

They did a Peep Show segment with Christian Cage, with the ring decorated like a luau and Tiki Bar. Christian and AJ Styles came out wearing Hawaiian shirts. Christian said that his show was a forum for TNA stars to come out and speak with him. Christian said he would get the answers to all the tough questions. Christian said he had a special theme tonight for his first guest, and that people will think he is crazy for having this person on, since this person wants to kill him. Out came Samoa Joe. Christian said he was going to put his differences with Joe aside for this interview. Christian noted that Bound For Glory will be the third time they meet in a singles match, and that Christian won the prior two meetings. Joe said that he was already bored with Christian's segment, and that the fans were telling him the match strategy, as they were chanting "Joe's Gonna Kill You". Joe said the whole segment was cliché, and that Christian has lost his edge. Joe called him an a******. Christian said he didn't like the way Joe was acting, and that he went through a lot of garage sales to find the decor for the segment. Joe said that Christian's winning streak will end at Bound For Glory, and that Christian will end up in a hospital. Christian said that Joe might be mad at him for what he has done in the past, but he only wants to have a competitive match at Bound For Glory. Christian has AJ Styles pour Joe a drink. Christian said he wanted to toast Joe and said their match will steal the show at Bound For Glory. Joe went after him, but Christian ran out of the ring. Styles his Joe with a ukulele, but it had no effect. Matt Morgan came out and carried Styles away. Christian threw a drink in Joe's face and hit him with a coconut. The segment ends with Christian standing over Joe.

Raven & Black Reign defeated Rhino & Abyss in a no-disqualification match. They used weapons and brawled all over the building. Jim Mitchell came out and Abyss was going to chokeslam him into thumbtacks, but Raven stopped him and gave Abyss a DDT into the thumbstacks. Raven went for the cover, but Black Reign broke it up for some reason. Rhino went to check on Abyss, but Abyss didn't realize who it was and hit a Black Hole Slam on Rhino and then Black Reign covered Rhino for the pin.

Kurt Angle & Team 3D defeated LAX & Junior Fatu. Matt Morgan was the special enforcer for the match. Early in the match, Brother Ray and Devon blew their noses in the flag. Some masked Latino Nation members ran out, but Morgan made them return to the back. Angle hit Homicide with the Angle Slam for the three count. After the match, Kurt Angle called out Sting, while the members of the Latino Nation checked on LAX at ringside. Sting appeared on the screen and said he would wait for Bound For Glory. Then he said maybe he wouldn't wait, and one of the masked Latino Nation members turned out to be Sting, attacking Angle and putting him in the Scorpion Deathlock. Sting then got on the mic and said this was his ring, and he was saving the rest of Angle for Bound For Glory.

They filmed a TNA Today segment, with Kurt Angle chasing off Jeremy Borash and taking over the segment.

They taped a match for the Road To Bound For Glory special, with Roxxi Levoux defeating Traci Brooks. Robert Roode was at ringside with Traci, while VKM was with Roxxi. Roode yelled at Traci during the match, and shoved her from the ring apron at one point, costing her the match. Roode then left without Traci.

They taped an Xplosion match with Eric Young, Chris Harris, Shark Boy and the Motor City Machineguns defeating James Storm, Jimmy Rave, Lance Hoyt and the Voodoo Kin Mafia. It was a comedy match, with Young pinning Rave with a rollup.

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SPOILERS TNA Impact - 11/10/07 (le 25/09/07)
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